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At ProMedica Toledo Hospital, we're dedicated to providing patients and families with a positive experience. With a combination of excellent facilities and skilled, compassionate staff, we strive every day to meet this commitment. Below, we have listed many of our major hospital services along with contact information for each. Please use this information to connect to our hospital services. If no number is listed for a service, please feel free to contact us at our main number (419-291-4000) for more information.

Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center

Though you may have heard the term “arthritis” used to describe a particular kind of pain in the joints that affects older patients, the condition encompasses a great deal more than the stiffness and aches that are associated with aging. Arthritis is the name that can describe over one hundred diseases or conditions that can affect the joints, muscles and other tissues—and it can affect people of all ages. We have the latest diagnostic services and treatment for osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and all forms of arthritis. You can make an appointment by calling 419-291-8900.

Learn more about our Arthritis and Osteoperorsis Center

Bariatric Surgery

If you have struggled with weight loss in the past and have a significant amount of weight to lose, you may be a candidate for bariatric surgery. This procedure reduces the size of the stomach pouch. After bariatric surgery, you will feel satisfied with smaller amounts of food and will thus be poised for successful long-term weight loss. The ProMedica Toledo Hospital Metabolic and Bariatric Center is dedicated to providing a surgical weight loss option for adults facing severe obesity. Please call 419-291-6740 for more information.

Learn more about bariatric surgery at Toledo Hospital

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Behavioral Health and Psychiatric Services

The supportive and compassionate treatment programs offered at ProMedica Toledo Hospital are designed so that you as a patient take an active role in your recovery. Our goal is to give you or your loved one the level of care needed for the specific illness you are facing. From community education programs to crisis intervention, we are prepared to help you or your loved one on the path to emotional wellness. If the patient desires and approves, the treatment team can expand to include loved ones, employers and spiritual or religious advisors.

Our staff provides excellent treatment programs and counseling services for a wide variety of conditions and circumstances. We pride ourselves on our specialized schizophrenia treatment program and unit. For problems that are more severe, we also provide emergency service and crisis intervention. Our dual diagnosis services are there to provide specialized care to the adult facing both mental illness and substance abuse. Finally, we have a psychiatric intensive care unit for those with major need for observation and supervision.

Adult Psychiatric Units

Our adult psychiatric units offer a full range of psychiatric services, cognitive therapy, group psychotherapy, psycho-education groups, family involvement and outpatient services. Facilities include an intensive care unit, general psychiatric unit, partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient services. Each patient is provided a stable, therapeutic environment and personalized service based upon his/her needs. A team of psychiatrists, nurses, licensed social workers and other mental health professionals provides intensive treatment for patients and offers support to families and caregivers.

Please call us at 419-291-8850 if you have questions about behavioral health services at Toledo Hospital.

Learn more about mental and behavioral health services throughout ProMedica

Breast Care Center

Breast health is of utmost importance to every woman, and routine screening and early diagnosis are valuable tools in the fight against breast cancer. The ProMedica Toledo Hospital Breast Care Center is the region’s leading imaging facility devoted to comprehensive, accurate and prompt breast screening and diagnostics. Our team consists of local, board-certified breast radiologists, highly trained technologists and specialized RNs who are there to make you comfortable during your screenings and confident in their accuracy. To make an appointment, just call 419-291-2131.

Learn more about breast care services at Toledo Hospital

Cancer Care (Oncology)

ProMedica is committed to providing quality oncology services. From early detection and diagnosis to inpatient and outpatient services, we provide the full spectrum of cancer care services that help our patients fight the disease and live well. ProMedica Toledo Hospital provides inpatient oncology services as well as outpatient medical oncology services and infusion services. If you have questions about cancer care services at Toledo Hospital, please call us at 419-291-4327.

Learn more about Cancer Care at ProMedica

Center for Health Services

Not all of the activities of ProMedica Toledo Hospital take place in the main towers of the hospital campus. The Center for Health Services is an ancillary facility located on our campus, just one block north of the main buildings. The Center provides a lot of valuable outpatient services, including preventive, surgical and women’s health services. You can contact the Center for Health Services at 419-291-2200.

Learn more about the center

Corporate Health Activities

We can provide a variety of corporate health activities for your company. Employee health risk appraisals combined with various screenings can help you determine a baseline health status for your employees and allow us to assist you in developing company goals toward better health. Contact 419-291-5826 to discuss your company needs and obtain specifics on services and pricing.

Critical Care

Critical injuries require fast attention by well-trained specialists who know how to react when there’s not a moment to spare. As a primary referral site for tertiary care facilities of ProMedica, ProMedica Toledo Hospital provides the highest level of critical care available in the region with on-site intensivists and critical care specialists. Please call 419-291-4000 for more information about critical care at Toledo Hospital.

Learn more about the many types of critical care we provide


Living well with diabetes is a matter of diligently monitoring your health. You have certain nutrition and physical activity requirements, and you know you need to keep tabs on your medication and blood sugar levels. Diabetes education through ProMedica Toledo Hospital provides you with the correct tools, education and support to be healthy, enjoy life and prevent complications.

Our programs are designed around an individualized assessment during your first visit. Your self-management training and the topics covered will be tailored to your particular needs. Our staff will help you learn to manage your diabetes by teaching you about diet, medications, glucose monitoring, potential complications, and how to cope with special situations such as travel as a diabetic or pregnancy and diabetes.

You or your physician may schedule your appointments for outpatient diabetes self-management training or medical nutrition therapy (non-diabetic nutrition education). A written physician referral is required for insurance payment. Medicare and most health insurance providers may cover the cost of a diabetes education program.

Learn more about diabetes education at ProMedica


For those who have experienced kidney failure, hemodialysis is the most common treatment method. Though it can be a complicated and difficult treatment method for patients, it can be administered in a way that will help you get the most out of the treatment with the fewest side effects. Our hemodialysis unit provides comprehensive care to patients with acute and end-stage renal disease. We offer hemodialysis, ultra filtration and hemoperfusion therapies. Please call us at 419-291-4000 if you have any questions about dialysis at ProMedica Toledo Hospital.

Learn more about dialysis at ProMedica

Emergency Services

The ProMedica Toledo Hospital Emergency Center treats tens of thousands of patients every year. When you or your loved one needs emergency care, you can trust that our top-quality facilities and staff will provide the level of care they need. As a Level I Trauma Center, Toledo Hospital is a designated resource for the highest level of trauma care for patients of all ages, providing 24-hour, in-house coverage by general surgeons and fast availability of specialists. Please contact Emergency Services at 419-291-4101. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 right away.

Learn more about Emergency Services at Toledo Hospital

Endoscopy Services

Endoscopy involves the use of a thin, optical scope that allows your physician to look inside your body at your internal organs. It can be used for preventive screenings and for certain kinds of surgeries. For outpatient gastrointestinal procedures, The ProMedica Toledo Hospital endoscopy unit is one of the most comprehensive facilities in the Toledo area. Call 419-291-4000 if you have questions about endoscopy at Toledo Hospital.

Learn more about endoscopy at ProMedica

Fertility Services

The Fertility Center of Northwest Ohio is located at ProMedica Toledo Hospital and uses the latest fertility treatment options to help you or your partner conceive. We provide a complete range of services for diagnosing and treating infertility, including surgery, artificial insemination and invitro fertilization, cryobanking of sperm and embryo freezing and storage, and donor-sperm insemination and anonymous egg-donor programs.

We accept referrals from primary care physicians, but no referral is necessary to obtain services. Please feel free to call us at 419-291-8830 to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about fertility services. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - noon and 1 - 4 p.m.

Learn more about the fertility services at ProMedica.

Heart Care

For matters of the heart, you can rely on ProMedica Toledo Hospital. For over three decades, we have provided quality health care to heart patients in northwest Ohio. In addition to the surgical procedures performed in our facility, we are also a trusted location for those who experience cardiac emergencies. Toledo Hospital is certified as an Accredited Chest Pain Center by the Society for Chest Pain Centers. This distinction means that Toledo Hospital was commended for its rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment of chest pain for patients who may be experiencing a heart attack.

Learn more about heart care and cardiovascular services at Toledo Hospital

Hemophilia Outpatient Clinic

Bleeding disorders can be managed better through comprehensive care and a multidisciplinary team approach. That’s precisely what we do at the Northwest Ohio Hemophilia Treatment Center, the only state-designated bleeding disorder treatment facility in northwest Ohio. Our hemophilia outpatient clinic is dedicated to helping both adults and children better manage bleeding disorders. Our highly qualified healthcare professionals work to meet patients' individual needs. Please contact us at 419-291-2210.

Learn more about our services

Hospital Pricing Information

Hospital pricing and payment can be topics of concern for many patients. We at ProMedica are committed to communicating with you in advance so that you know what to expect when it comes to the cost of services. Our pricing specialist can review your insurance benefits for the services your doctor has ordered to provide you with an estimate of your final bill. Hospital pricing for the most common health care services provided at ProMedica Toledo Hospital is available here for your convenience. Because what you owe can vary due to your insurance and other factors, we encourage you to call our hospital pricing hotline at 419-824-9015 so we can help determine what your costs may be.

Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing 100% oxygen in a special chamber that is maintained at increased atmospheric pressure. This specialized area of medicine treats diabetic wounds of the lower extremities, carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation, decompression sickness and other medical situations. Call 419-291-2072 for more information.

Learn more about hyperbaric medicine

Laboratory Services

Consistent, quality laboratory services mean that many health problems can be diagnosed in their early stages, when they are most treatable. Changes in blood, urine or body cells, which can be detected by laboratory tests, can help diagnose problems in time to take preventive action. When your physician orders a lab test, you have many options for where your test will take place. ProMedica Toledo Hospital has a lab in the Conrad Jobst Tower and another lab one block north of the hospital at the Center for Health Services. Please call 419-291-4134 if you have any questions about lab services.

View a complete list of our laboratory services sites

Lactation Services

The health benefits of breastfeeding are numerous. However, it can take some time and a little experience to master it. Helping new mothers learn to breastfeed is what we do at the Lactation Center on the campus of ProMedica Toledo Hospital. We offer breastfeeding classes to expectant mothers. We also house a breast pump rental station and boutique that sells everything you need to comfortably breastfeed. While you and your baby are in the hospital, you can get one-on-one assistance from an experienced lactation consultant. And when you’re at home and have questions or concerns about breastfeeding, you can call WARMLINE at 419-291-4577 to get answers from a certified lactation consultant. Contact the Lactation Center at 419-291-5666.

Learn more about lactation services

Maternal – Fetal Medicine

Ensuring the health and safety of mother and child are necessary for any pregnancy, and it becomes imperative when mother or baby is at medical risk. Maternal-fetal medicine at ProMedica Toledo Hospital is dedicated to providing excellent care for high-risk maternity patients. Our facilities serve more than just the Toledo area. ProMedica's fleet of helicopters and mobile intensive care units are always at the ready to transport patients to Toledo Hospital for specialized care by the maternal-fetal medicine division. ProMedica Air also transports high-risk newborns to the Toledo Children's Hospital Level III newborn intensive care unit. Please call us at 419-291-3604 if you have questions about our services.

Learn more about maternal-fetal medicine at ProMedica

Mom & Me Boutique

The Mom & Me Boutique at ProMedica Toledo Hospital caters to new and expectant moms. From therapeutic massage oils and books on pregnancy to essential items like nursing bras and breast pumps, the boutique is a great place for gifts and needed items. Call us at 419-291-5666, or find out more about what we offer.


At ProMedica Toledo Hospital, the neurology unit cares for medical and surgical patients with various neurologic disorders—including those with neuro-system diagnosis and closed-head injuries. Our therapy team is trained to meet the needs of our neuro patients. Whether you need treatment for chronic back and neck pain and injuries or specialized care for seizures or shunt replacements, our neurology staff has the skill and expertise to provide high-quality care. We also treat the aftermath of stroke or a TIA (transischemic attack), which includes the latest treatment and technology for early intervention and care, treat multiple sclerosis, and provide specialized care for geriatric patients with dementia and Alzheimer's.

Learn more about neurology services at ProMedica


Neurophysiology involves care for conditions of the nervous system. At ProMedica Toledo Hospital, nationally certified and state-licensed audiologists, registered EEG technicians and neurophysiology technicians provide audiology and neurology services to people of all ages whose conditions range from not life-threatening to critical. To find out more about our neurophysiology services, please call 419-291-5680.

Learn about mental and behavioral health at ProMedica


The Center for Health Services houses one of ProMedica’s OccuHealth branches. OccuHealth, our occupational health program, has worked closely with more than 400 Toledo area employers to plan and coordinate health services that consistently meet company and employee needs. Please call us at 419-291-4290 to find out more about the many services OccuHealth can provide your business.

Learn more about OccuHealth


At ProMedica Toledo Hospital, we have an orthopaedics unit dedicated exclusively to diagnosing and treating illnesses, injuries and malformations of the bones, muscles and joints. Our orthopaedic specialists provide services for spine injuries, upper extremity injuries reconstruction, ankle and foot reconstruction, sports injuries, primary and revision total joint replacement, reconstructive procedures, and fractures due to falls or traumatic injuries.

Orthopaedic surgeons work closely with nurses, radiologists, physical and occupational therapists, social workers and other specially trained personnel to provide the best possible patient care. Our unit also works closely with trauma services to provide quality health care to adult patients with orthopaedic injuries.

Learn more about orthopaedics at ProMedica

Outpatient Surgery

If an overnight hospital stay is not necessary for surgery, many patients prefer an outpatient surgery option. Outpatient services have grown tremendously during the last several years.

Learn more about outpatient surgery at Toledo Hospital

Palliative Care

While curative medical interventions are the mainstay of traditional medicine, caring for the whole person involves taking care of the body, mind and spirit, as well as caring for and supporting those who love and care for the ill. Palliative care can be part of the treatment of any person who has a serious, life-limiting medical condition. As a patient, you can continue to fight your disease with curative treatments while a palliative care plan focuses on improving your quality of life. Call 419-291-4217 to find out about the palliative care treatment options at ProMedica Toledo Hospital.

Learn more about palliative care throughout ProMedica

Radiology / Imaging Services

Radiology and imaging services are crucial to diagnosing diseases and helping your physician create a treatment plan for you. When you have imaging services done at ProMedica Toledo Hospital, you can be confident that you are receiving services from a leader in diagnostic technology. Our services include:

  • X-ray
  • CT
  • MRI
  • Interventional radiology
  • Ultrasound
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Dexa scans
  • Mammography
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Dedicated breast MRI
  • Molecular breast imaging

If you’d like to contact us about radiology or imaging services at Toledo Hospital, please call 419-291-4415.

Learn more about radiology and imaging services throughout ProMedica

Rehabilitation Services

Recovering from an injury or illness sometimes requires more than just healing. Physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation services are available seven days a week for patients at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. Provided by licensed therapists and assistants, these services are designed to meet your individual needs. Depending on the rehabilitation area, services can include therapeutic intervention to emphasize strength, range of motion, mobility, self care, cognition, restoring or improving communication, language and swallowing.

Learn more about rehabilitation services throughout ProMedica

Respiratory Care

Whether you need help for a chronic condition such as asthma or emphysema or emergency services to help your lung function, you will receive care from a respiratory care practitioner. These caring professionals provide a number of services at ProMedica Toledo Hospital.

Learn more about respiratory care

Sleep Medicine

Few things can improve your outlook on life more than getting a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, sometimes medical conditions or stress can cause sleep problems. At the Northwest Ohio Sleep Disorder Center at ProMedica Toledo Hospital, we’re here to help you find out how to get back to sleep. Call us at 419-291-5629 for more information.

Learn more about sleep medicine

Surgical Services

Each year, physicians perform more than 15,000 surgeries at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. From the simplest general surgery to minimally invasive robotic surgery, our facilities and staff operate as a team to keep things running smoothly.

See a complete list of Toledo Hospital’s surgical services

Trauma Services

In an instant, an injury or medical condition can become life-threatening. Medical experts who specialize in trauma care are devoted to providing fast, accurate treatment. Since 1999, ProMedica Toledo Hospital has been designated as a Level I Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons. This means the hospital offers the highest level of trauma care to injured patients of all ages. Medical staff and trauma surgeons are immediately available, 24 hours a day, to perform critical care services such as neurosurgery, plastic surgery, hand surgery and orthopaedic surgery. Supporting these services are full surgical teams that are specially trained in trauma care. Please call 419-291-3442 for more information.

Learn more about trauma services at ProMedica

Urology / Nephrology

As one of the best urology departments in the country, this unit specializes in diagnosing and treating problems of the urinary system. Our urology / nephrology unit also addresses the medical and surgical needs of patients with renal and vascular disorders, including diagnosing primary renal disease, caring for renal patients with other medical problems, restoring circulation for vascular patients, and treating wounds created by poor circulation.

Learn more about urology at ProMedica

Vascular Services

Vascular services treat the diseases and conditions of arteries and veins. ProMedica Toledo Hospital is proud to be the home of Jobst Vascular Institute, which provides both cutting-edge research and vascular care of the highest quality to patients.

Learn more about vascular care at ProMedica

Women’s Services

Did you know that more than 4,400 babies are born each year at ProMedica Toledo Hospital? That’s nearly half of all babies born in Toledo! The ProMedica Toledo Hospital campus is home to Women’s Services, which oversees OB/Gyn services, Labor and Delivery services, and Preparation for Parenthood classes. Of course, new and expectant moms aren’t the only women who require high-quality reproductive health services: Women’s Services offers a wide range of gynecologic services at the Center for Health Services.

Learn more about Women's Services at Toledo Hospital