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Patient Stories

The arrival of a medical event or detection of a condition can come as a surprise and may leave you and your loved ones feeling isolated. But you're not alone, and there is hope. Your neighbors have experienced the same symptoms, they have worked with our same experienced team to decide on a course of treatment and now they have shared their personal stories about the challenging road to a brighter future.

Please view the following patient testimonials. You'll be inspired by the bravery of our patients and by the compassion of our physicians who treated them.

Steve Crippen

At more than 400 hundred pounds, Steve was suffering drastic consequences as a result of his weight. In addition to high blood pressure and a variety of other health problems, Steve was diabetic and required four different oral medications daily to control his blood sugar.

Thanks to the ProMedica Toledo Hospital Metabolic and Bariatric Center, Steve found a clinically proven, effective surgical solution to obesity. In fact, bariatric surgery helped him lose more than 240 pounds in 18 months.

“Since having surgery, I’m no longer on any type of medication for diabetes or high blood pressure. Even better, I’m now able to walk, ride a bike and participate in other activities that I was not capable of doing for years. I completed my first 35-mile bicycling event after the surgery and have worked my way up to participating in a 70-mile route. I feel better than I have in years. There’s nothing stopping me now,” he said.

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Christy Douglas

At more than 100 pounds overweight, Christy’s weight was drastically affecting her ability to live a happy, healthy life with her family. After educating herself about bariatric surgery, Christy decided that it was time to take control, make a positive change and move forward with bariatric surgery at ProMedica Toledo Hospital.

Following her surgery, Christy has lost more than 119 pounds and has found new energy to enjoy life with her family.

“The best part of bariatric surgery is that it has given me a new life with my daughter.

When I was overweight, I had no energy to play with her. I just wanted to sleep. Now, I have so much energy that sometimes she gets tired before I do! She is my life and now I can enjoy spending time with her. People ask me if bariatric surgery was worth it and if I would do it again. Without hesitation, my answer is absolutely,” Christy said.

Individual results may vary. Success after gastric bypass depends on a patient’s compliance with dietary recommendations, participating in regular exercise and attending support group meetings.

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