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Student Orientation

Welcome to ProMedica. We are delighted that you have chosen ProMedica as a site for part of your education. We are excited to provide opportunities for local, and regional placement. You are an important part of the next generation of health care providers so you are important to our health system. The following information has been designed to:

  • provide you with content needed prior to starting your experience with us
  • provide you with information that may be useful during your practice here.

Please note: For your convenience, all forms mentioned on this site are available in the document library at the bottom of the orientation pages.

General Guidelines for Student Experience

ProMedica supports the education of over 4,000 students annually. To assure our patients, visitors, students and employees remain safe in our environment, it is important that we have a structured intake process for all students. Prior to beginning your time with us, please assure the following requirements have been completed.

Minimum of 2 weeks prior to start of educational experience, your school must submit to the clinical coordinator for the facility/discipline:

  • Student Demographic information including.
    • Student Name
    • Start Date
    • School ID number. You will use the last seven digits of this number during your initial access to our computer systems, so please be sure you know your school ID number.
  • Health Requirement Data
    • Students should not be in the facilities without completed health requirements. Please work with your school to assure your health requirements are complete and have been submitted.

ProMedica Picture Identification Card is required for all students.

  • Student ID badges must be worn and visible at all times while in a ProMedica facility.
  • ID cards cost $5/student and will be valid for 2 ½ years during any active and valid rotation.
  • Information from your demographic data will be used to generate the ID card. Please visit the appropriate security/HR location (see below) to have your picture taken and acquire your ID card.
    • Toledo Hospital Security Office at 1956 W. Central Ave in Toledo
      • (419-291-5552) Times: 7:00- 11:00 a.m. and 1:00-2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
      • Please fax Security ID form prior to going for ID badge. (419-480-6596)
      • Toledo Hospital
      • Toledo Children’s Hospital
      • Flower Hospital
      • St. Luke's Hospital
      • Other ProMedica facilities in Metro-Toledo
    • Bay Park Security Office: 419-690-8797 (fax: 419-697-7723)
      • Bay Park Hospital
    • Bixby Hospital Human Resources Department: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., 517-265-0425
      • Bixby Hospital
      • Herrick Hospital
    • Defiance Regional Hospital Human Resources Dept: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., 419-783-6928 (fax: 419-783-6904)
      • Defiance Regional Hospital
    • Fostoria Community Hospital Staff Development Office: 419-436-6780 (fax: 419-436-6693)
      • Fostoria Community Hospital
  • ProMedica student ID number will be printed on the back of the badge. This number will be used for access to various computer systems and locations within ProMedica as appropriate to your learning needs as a student.
  • ID Cards will NOT be available until 1 week after the student demographic information has been received by the facility. Unfortunately, we cannot generate your ID card until the demographic information has been processed.
    • For group education: Please contact your school to identify when you may visit for your ID card.
    • For 1:1 education: Please contact your site coordinator to identify when you may visit for your ID card.
  • ID cards should be returned to security/HR upon completion of the last hospital learning experience in your program of study.

Computer Software Access

  • Computer access for students is limited to the educational scope of your learning.
  • Please remember the importance of maintaining complete confidentiality in the use of our software. Schools, hospitals and the US Government all have penalties for breach of confidentiality. You will be asked to sign an attestation statement that you understand these responsibilities.

The following are instructions for when your student /faculty computer access does not work:

  • Please start by calling the service desk ONLY.
  • This is the direct dial number for all facilities - 419-291-3646.
  • If you are dialing from within the facility, use the extensions below:
    • Bay Park Hospital – ext. – 7770
    • Bixby Hospital - ext. 72142
    • Defiance Regional Hospital – ext. 13646
    • Flower Hospital – ext. 3646
    • Fostoria Community Hospital – ext. 5353
    • Herrick Hospital – ext. 82142
    • Memorial Hospital – ext. 6629
    • St. Luke’s Hospital – ext. 7070
    • Toledo Hospital – ext. 13646
    • Toledo Children’s Hospital – ext. 13646
    • Wildwood Orthopaedic and Spine Hospital - ext. 13646
  • If you continue to experience difficulty, please contact the site coordinator in Staff Development at your facility. They will help investigate the issue.
  • Please do not place multiple calls to different individuals. This actually slows down the process.

Orientation Requirements

Prior to experiences at our hospitals and facilities it is necessary for you to complete an orientation module. Please click the link below that best describes your experience.

Clinical Students

Non-Clinical Students

Clinical Instructors


General Computer Orientation

Student Resource Material

Student resource materials are provided below.

Information about our Graduate Nursing Residency Program


Browse the list below to view orientation files.


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