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Each patient who comes to the Midlife Center for Women’s Health has different health needs. We are committed to meeting your specific needs through the wide variety of services we offer, which include:

Physical exam and assessment tailored to your symptoms and needs

The Midlife Center specializes in care for peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women. Your physical examination will take your age-specific needs into account and address the symptoms of menopause that are most affecting your life.

Thorough health and risk factor intakes and assessments

Our care for you is geared toward your unique health history and information. To that end, we ask that you share as much of your health history as possible with us when you come in for a visit. We will use that information to determine the appropriate screening tests and create a treatment plan that is designed specifically for you. Please take a look at our menopause questionnaire. Print the questionnaire, fill it out and bring it with you to your first visit so you we can get a jump start on your treatment plan.

Cancer screening, prevention and treatment

We ask you about your personal and family cancer history so we can determine your risks for cancer. If necessary, we will order specific screening tests and design the best combination of diet, lifestyle changes and medications to help reduce your risks of cancer.

Cardiovascular disease screening, prevention and treatment

Cardiovascular disease is a big concern for women as they enter mid-life. We will order laboratory tests to determine the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood. Based on your risks and screening results, our staff can recommend an individualized treatment plan that includes medications, dietary changes and/or physical fitness counseling.

Osteoporosis screening, prevention and treatment

We perform an in-office bone density screening and determine your risk factors for osteoporosis. Based on your screening, we may recommend treatments such as dietary modification, physical activity changes and medications for treatment and prevention of bone loss.

Hormone therapy

Based on your menopausal symptoms and risk factors, you may be a candidate for hormone therapy. Many hormone options are available and can be customized for your needs. We will give you all the information you need about hormone therapy so you feel confident in the treatment choices you have. You also have a choice in how you receive hormone therapy: you can take hormones through the mouth (pills), topically on the skin (patches/gels/mists), locally into the vagina (tablets, rings and creams) or placed in the uterus (IUDs).

Alternatives to hormonal therapy

There are many over-the-counter herbal supplements (such as black cohosh), vitamins, minerals, hormonal topical creams, and soy products (phytoestogens) that work well for some women. We can review the benefits and risks of over-the-counter solutions with you, so you know which is most likely to be safe and effective for you.

Sexuality treatment and counseling

Your sexual health and sexuality needs may change in the years around menopause. Because healthy sexuality is important at every age, we are here to recommend a course of action if you require help adjusting to your body’s changes. Depending on the cause and symptoms of the changes, we may recommend counseling, education and/or medication.

Dietary and nutritional counseling

Your diet affects your well-being in many ways. At the Midlife Center, we offer dietary education and counseling for managing menopausal symptoms and reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and breast cancer.

Weight reduction, counseling, support, and weight loss programs

As you age, you can help decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes if you maintain a healthy weight for your height. We focus on helping you learn to eat a balanced, portion-controlled diet, to make overall lifestyle changes and to exercise. For those who qualify, we also offer weight reduction programs that use prescription weight loss medications. In addition, we can refer you to a physician-monitored weight loss program or schedule a consultation with a dietitian.

Lifestyle assessment and guides for change

If you smoke, have an inactive lifestyle or drink too much alcohol, we can educate and assist you with lifestyle changes. With our help, you can make a renewed commitment to enjoying good health and happiness in your life.