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Pursuing Excellence, Innovation in Cardiac Research

Jobst Vascular Institute is a nationally renowned center of excellence on the campus of ProMedica Toledo Hospital, where patients know they receive outstanding vascular care. We provide direct patient and education and conduct research to advance vascular disease treatment. Our research operations allow us to deliver better patient care, just as our experiences with patients inform and influence questions that drive our research, the problems we seek to solve and the services we seek to improve.

Our goal is to treat you, the vascular patient, every step of the way, from diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation. Our staff includes vascular surgeons and nurses, nurse practitioners, clinical research nurses, vascular lab technologists, and professional, administrative and support staff. This team works closely with interventional radiologists and other medical specialists within ProMedica. With all of us working as a team, our overarching goal is to provide patients with the best care possible for their vascular disease.

What We Do: Jobst Vascular Institute at a Glance

The Jobst Vascular Institute staff, performing more than 2,000 vascular procedures annually, has six vascular surgeons and five interventional radiologists, five full-time study coordinators, vascular nurse specialists, a computer graphic specialist and a medical writer. Advanced facilities include dedicated vascular operating rooms, endovascular surgery suite, a research-level vascular laboratory performing more than 720,000 noninvasive studies annually, and a busy vascular rehabilitation program.

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Jobst Medical Leadership

Our research and clinical teams are leaders in their field and make significant contributions to vascular medicine through their science, as well as independent presentations, textbook authorship, mentoring and membership on professional journals' editorial boards.

Meet the Jobst Vascular Institute medical leadership

Jobst Vascular Surgery Fellowship

Our 24-month program integrates vascular surgery, endovascular training, hands-on vascular laboratory experience, and computer-aided vascular imaging. The goal is to provide fellows with high-volume surgical experience, credentialing-qualified endovascularskills and clinical research achievement.

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Jobst Vascular Laboratory

This lab is one of the busiest vascular labs in the nation: every year, our certified vascular technologists perform more than 20,000 vascular examinations. It offers comprehensive and noninvasive services and is accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories. Most examinations performed at Jobst Vascular Laboratory use Doppler ultrasound to diagnose vascular disease, meaning most of the tests are external and non-invasive.

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Our Founders and Institute History

Through the vision and generosity of Conrad and Caroline Jobst, the Jobst Vascular Institute at ProMedica Toledo Hospital is providing excellent care, education and research. Surgery fellowships and lectureships that carry the Jobst name also honor Mr. Jobst’s intellectual curiosity and tenacity.

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Annual Conrad Jobst Lecture

The Conrad Jobst Lecture is an endowed University of Michigan lectureship held annually and funded through the generosity of Caroline Jobst. It is hosted alternately by the University of Michigan Section of Vascular Surgery in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the Jobst Vascular Institute in Toledo. Lecturers represent the highest levels of innovation and expertise in the field of vascular surgery and vascular medicine.

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