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Helping You Move On from Cancer

The end of cancer treatment is a time to celebrate. You are now a survivor!

This begins a phase called “survivorship.” You are joining more than 11 million other cancer survivors in the United States. However, survivors often say that once they complete treatment, they enter a new world. They expect life to return to the way it was before cancer, but it may be different.

The first few months after cancer treatment are a time of change. It will take some time to find out what “normal” means for you. You may have a new outlook on life and may want to change the way you do things. Even though you are not receiving active treatment, you still need support through this time of change. ProMedica Cancer Institute offers many support resources designed for the unique needs of cancer survivors, including a comprehensive Survivor Center.

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ProMedica Cancer Institute Survivor Center

Follow-up care is especially important as a cancer survivor. The specific follow-up care plan depends on the type of cancer as well as the type of treatment. The ProMedica Cancer Institute Survivor Center provides follow-up cancer care and connects patients to numerous community support services unique for his or her specific physical, social and emotional needs.

An oncologist and nurse practitioner meet with each patient to review the health and treatment history. The oncologist then develops the follow-up medical care plan and communicates the plan with the primary care physician. The patient then receives a summary of the plan for easy reference.

For more information or to schedule an appointment at the survivor center, located within the Hickman Cancer Center on the ProMedica Flower Hospital campus, please call 419-824-1952.

Preparing for Your Visit to the Survivor Center

Please bring records of your previous cancer care with you to your first appointment. It is important to talk openly with your doctor and nurse practitioner during the visit. Be prepared to discuss any questions you may have. Some issues to consider may be:

  • New symptoms
  • Difficulties you may be having with anxiety, depression or sleep
  • Difficulties doing daily activities
  • Questions about the cancer returning
  • Other risks because of the treatment you received
  • Your family members’ risk of cancer
  • Intimacy issues

Breast Cancer Survivorship

This DVD series features powerful presentations focused on breast cancer survivorship. Topics include: living life during and after treatment; optimizing wellness – exercise and complementary therapies; self-advocacy – your rights as a survivor; and giggling your way to good health.

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Cancer Survivor Rehabilitation: STAR Program®

In recent years, survivorship has been identified as a distinct phase of cancer care. At ProMedica Cancer Institute, we agree. We recommend that every cancer survivor work with our Survivor Center to develop a unique survivorship care plan. This is also why we offer our cancer survivors STAR Program® rehabilitation services.

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery can harm health and cause serious medical problems that interfere with daily function and well-being. Survivors are commonly plagued with symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, insomnia, memory loss, fear, anxiety, and depression. STAR, which stands for Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation, addresses these issues through important physical and psychological rehabilitation to survivors so they can recover more quickly and more completely than they would otherwise. Our therapists are specially-trained and certified using research-based protocols that have been proven to help cancer survivors optimally heal and function. Feeling well and being able to resume normal day-to-day activities is essential to enjoying a good quality of life for survivors and their families.

Prior to beginning our cancer rehabilitation program, you need to obtain a referral from your physician. This also helps provide documentation to your insurance company. Please talk to your physician about obtaining a referral to ProMedica’s STAR cancer rehabilitation services, or call a scheduling number below and one of our associates would be happy to facilitate the referral.

Download the Referral Form/Physician Order
When to Refer to Cancer Rehab Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions Related to STAR Program

Is cancer rehabilitation covered by my health insurance?
Yes. STAR Program cancer rehabilitation services are reimbursable by health insurance providers. We are uniquely qualified to offer premium oncology rehabilitation services to cancer survivors undergoing treatment or living with its aftermath. Having access to world-class follow up care, without added medical costs, will allow you and other cancer survivors to regain your health and get your life back on track.

When should I start treatment?
We serve all survivors in need, whether they are beginning treatment, finished with treatment, or experiencing late effects or unresolved issues from long-ago treatment. Our cancer rehabilitation program is open to everyone no matter the prognosis, cancer stage or phase of recovery. Newly diagnosed patients may want to increase their strength and endurance and prevent future medical problems; survivors living with cancer as a chronic disease may come to us for help managing treatment-related conditions; and individuals who are cured or in remission may enroll in our program with the goal of boosting their immune systems so that they can heal as well as possible. Talk to your doctor about cancer rehabilitation to determine the best fit for your personal needs.

Who provides treatment?
Our rehabilitation care, based on conventional medicine, is offered to patients by a knowledgeable and sensitive medical staff, specially trained to treat survivors of all forms of cancer. They are medical experts at the top of their fields and comprise a variety of disciplines:

  • Physicians
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech and swallowing therapists
  • Registered dieticians and nutritionists
  • Mental health professionals

How will you know what services I need?
After undergoing a thorough evaluation by a physician, a team of medical specialists will be assigned to each patient according to his or her individual needs. The healthcare team creates a personalized rehabilitation plan, with the goals of increasing strength and energy, alleviating pain, improving physical functioning, achieving emotional balance and boosting the immune system. Each team member provides his or her expert medical guidance, training, encouragement and support, for the duration of the program.

Rather than using a “problem-oriented” approach and tackle each health issue as it arises, we address the full spectrum of post-cancer care. When evaluating a patient, in addition to focusing on his or her health conditions and symptoms, we take into consideration: diet, sleep issues, existing pain, endurance, strength, exercise habits and emotional outlook. All of these factors have an important effect on physical healing.

How should I prepare for my first visit?
When you come to your first STAR appointment, please bring your insurance card, any medical history information, a list of your current medications and dosages, and your physician referral if your doctor office did not send it directly to your rehab site. For all appointments, please wear comfortable clothing and comfortable walking shoes. You will be asked to do some physical activity and will need to be able to walk and move comfortably.

Is this program certified?
ProMedica received STAR Program Certification from Massachusetts-based Oncology Rehab Partners, whose unparalleled development, training and support products in oncology rehabilitation give healthcare facilities the capacity to offer quality survivorship care to their patients. Our team of medical specialists underwent rigorous rehabilitation training by oncology experts in order to become certified.

STAR Program cancer rehabilitation is currently offered at the following ProMedica Total Rehab locations in southeast Michigan.

Adrian | ProMedica Total Rehab
1136 Country Club Rd. Suite A, Adrian, Michigan
Scheduling number: 517-265-0293

Defiance | ProMedica Total Rehab at ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital
1200 Ralston Ave., Defiance, Ohio
Scheduling number: 419-783-6943

Brooklyn | ProMedica Total Rehab
210 S. Main St., Brooklyn, Michigan
Scheduling number: 517-592-8682

Fostoria | ProMedica Total Rehab at Fostoria Shopping Plaza
610 Plaza Drive, Fostoria, Ohio
Scheduling number: 419-436-8320

Maumee | ProMedica Total Rehab at ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital
5901 Monclova Rd., Maumee, Ohio
Scheduling number: 419 893-5957

Onsted | ProMedica Total Rehab
400 N. Main St., Suite B, Onsted, Michigan
Scheduling number: 517-467-4770

Perrysburg | ProMedica Total Rehab at Perrysburg Medical Center
1601 Brigham Drive, Perrysburg, Ohio
Scheduling number: 419 -872-7730

Sylvania | ProMedica Total Rehab at ProMedica Flower Hospital
5150 Harroun Rd., Sylvania, Ohio
Scheduling number: 419 824-1968

Tecumseh | ProMedica Total Rehab at ProMedica Herrick Hospital
500 E. Pottawatamie St., Tecumseh, Michigan
Scheduling number: 517-424-3239

Temperance | ProMedica Total Rehab at Francis Family YMCA
2000 W. Dean Rd, Temperance, Michigan
Scheduling number: 734-850-0129

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