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With today’s busy schedules, looking for nutrition in a supplement bottle may seem easier than eating a balanced diet. However, because the human body better absorbs vitamins and minerals directly from food, healthy eating is the best way to ensure your body gets the benefits it needs.

Meat is a Side Dish?

An occasional steak is fine, but meat should be considered an accompaniment rather than a main dish. Limit beef, pork and lamb intake. And completely avoid processed meats.

More Fruits and Vegetables, Please

Home canning is an excellent alternative to purchasing canned fruit and vegetables. Canning fresh produce from the local farmer’s market can help significantly reduce your intake of salt, sugar and preservatives.

Fat Busters

Evidence shows a direct correlation between being overweight and certain cancers. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans are lowcalorie foods that protect against weight gain and may help in the fight against cancer.

Preventative Foods

To aid in the prevention of various forms of cancers, be sure to consume plenty of healthy foods.

Download a chart of cancer-fighting foods