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Bariatric Surgery Checklist

So you've decided you're interested in pursuing bariatric surgery? Congratulations-- you've just taken a major step toward the healthy life you've been wanting to live! We've made this list of the ten steps that will get you to surgery day. Follow these, and you'll be well prepared for this life-changing event.

Step 1: Attend an Information Seminar

Given by one of our surgeons, the information seminar gives you the opportunity to learn about weight loss surgery, hear from a weight loss patient and have any questions you may have about the surgery answered.

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Step 2: Review the Information Packet

Ask yourself if you are ready to make the lifestyle change commitment that is required to be successful with weight loss surgery. It is also important for you to understand the financial commitment involved with weight loss surgery.

Step 3: Insurance Benefits Verification

Our patient coordinator will call you to verify your insurance benefits over the phone. We will discuss your insurance company’s requirements for the authorization of weight loss surgery. If weight loss surgery is not a covered benefit of your policy, we will provide you with information about our self-pay plan.

Step 4: Medical Nutritional Therapy (MNT) Order Sheet

In your information packet, you will find an MNT order sheet that must be filled out by your primary care physician. This must be completed in order for you to move onto the next step of our program, which is meeting with our dietitian. Your primary care physician can fax the form directly to us at 419-480-6607.

Step 5: Complete Appointments with the Dietitian, Psychologist, and Surgeon

Visit a ...

  • Dietitian: Schedule and complete your first visit with our dietitian. The number of required meetings with the dietician will be determined by your insurance. The dietician will give you your bariatric patient binder.
  • Psychologist: You will be provided with a list of psychologists who work with bariatric surgery patients and are familiar with our program. We prefer that you choose a psychologist from this list.
  • Surgeon: Once you have completed your counseling with our dietician and we have received your psychological evaluation results, we will call you to schedule your pre-surgical appointment with the surgeon. This appointment will take approximately two to three hours. Bring a list of your current medications, your insurance card and your driver’s license to your appointment.

    Step 6: Approval

    Once the above mentioned appointments (plus any other prerequisites required by your insurance) are completed, our office will submit the required paperwork to your insurance company for approval of your weight loss surgery. Throughout the surgery preparation process, your progress will be tracked by our patient coordinator. We will notify you when you have been approved for surgery!

    Step 7: Required Pre-Operation Class

    Attend a pre-operation class with our registered nurse to prepare you for your day of surgery. This appointment will last for approximately two hours.

    Step 8: Attend a Support Group Meeting

    You are strongly encouraged to attend at least one support group meeting prior to having your surgery. Research shows that patients who attend weight loss surgery support group meetings lose 20 to 30 percent more weight.

    View the schedule of support group dates and times

    Step 9: Preparing for Surgery

    You will need to complete your pre-surgical testing, which is usually done two to three weeks before surgery. This includes pre-admission testing at the hospital and an appointment with our physical therapy (PT) department to review the exercises listed in your binder. All other medical clearances must be obtained before surgery.

    Step 10: Day of Surgery


    Download and Print the Surgery Checklist

    Want to keep up with these steps even when you're away from your electronic devices? We've made an easy-to-read .pdf of this checklist so that you may print out a copy for reference.

    Download the weight-loss surgery checklist

    Bariatric Toolkit

    Use the tools below to get started on your weight loss journey with help from the ProMedica Toledo Hospital Metabolic and Bariatric Center.

    Bariatric Seminar

    Attend one of our monthly seminars to learn more about bariatric surgical procedures, ask questions and determine whether you're a candidate.

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    Success Stories

    Hear directly from former patients about their battles with obesity and their experiences with the weight loss process.

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