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Institutional Review Board

The ProMedica Institutional Review Board was created to oversee medical studies being conducted at ProMedica. More specifically, this board ensures that research participants are informed, that the risk to them is as minimal as possible, and that the anticipated benefits outweigh the possible risks.

How is this accomplished? The board helps design research projects in a way that minimizes any potential harm to those participating, and it also reviews and monitors all research. In fact, the board is authorized to review all types of research that utilize people – even projects that are not subject to federal oversight.

Such reviews help the board verify that all research performed is scientifically valid, that participants are fully informed, and that participants’ rights are protected. The board can approve, disapprove, modify, monitor, suspend, or terminate research projects involving people if they deem it necessary. And under no circumstance may their decision to disapprove a project be reversed by another ProMedica department.

In addition, the board is highly sensitive to studies involving participants under 18, prisoners, pregnant women, fetuses, the mentally disabled, and economically or educationally disadvantaged individuals – as members feel that these groups might be particularly vulnerable. Thus, the board scrutinizes even more closely studies involving these groups.

The board also helps ProMedica researchers when they are faced with ethical and procedural issues. For example, members often help researchers comply with federal regulations, as well as all Food and Drug Administration and Office of Research Integrity guidelines.

If you would like more information about our Institutional Review Board, please call 419-291-8920.